by Danelle LaFlower


Feeling god’s pain — not necessarily in a negative sense

Willing to accept a constant state of grace.
The visible presence of god.
Willing to be lost, depressed, afraid and still act and still be faithful.
Continual remembering. A channel, reflector, deflector, funnel.

My own humanness
Weakness, etc.

Makes compassion real.     Willing to feel.

Willing to not hold on to anything. And willing to give everything available through you.
Willing to fail, willing to continually try.

Understanding the human condition in the presence of pure love…..

Love is.


Centeredness again and again and again.
The continual exchange…diffusion….between existence and existence

It doesn’t matter what I think, so much as……what I am
and what I am is not me, per se, but the light that travels through…

Willing to be blown away
To give up everything
Willing to understand
The implications
The difficulty
And also the knowledge that
I may not be faithful.

Willing to stop.
Willing to listen
To try
To fail
To be remorseful
To let go of remorse
To live
To love
To risk everything



Danelle is a member of of Mt Toby Monthly Meeting in New England YM.