by George Fox

Sing and rejoice, ye children of the day and of the light; for the Lord is at work in this thick night of darkness that may be felt. And truth doth flourish as the rose, and the lilies do grow among the thorns, and the plants atop of the hills. And upon them the lambs do skip and play. And never heed the tempests nor the storms, floods nor rains, for the seed Christ is over all, and doth reign. And so be of good faith and valiant for the truth; for the truth can live in the jails. And fear not the loss of fleece, for it will grow again; and follow the lamb, if it be under the beast’s horns, or under the beast’s heels; for the lamb shall have the victory over them all. And so all live in the seed Christ, you way, that never fell; and you do see over all the ways of Adam’s and Eve’s sons and daughters in the fall. And in the seed Christ, your way, you have life and peace; and there you do see over all the ways of Adam in the fall, in which there is no peace. So in the seed Christ stand and dwell, in whom you have life and peace; the life that was with the Father before the world began.

The 9th month, 1663.

From one of Fox’s epistles, in The Works of George Fox, Number CCXXVII, Volume VII, page 241. Quotation obtained from Quaker Heritage Press.