by Debbie Humphries

These are a set of questions Debbie uses to help her prepare for meetings of the committee has supported her ministry. They help her write a report to her committee before it meets. She does not address every question, but only those that are rising for her that month.

How is my soul?

What is God calling forth in me?

How was I faithful?

What challenges or blocks did I face? How did I meet them?

How have I been nourished?

What gifts did God give me?

What did I learn this month?

What is God calling me to do?

These questions may be ones that members of oversight of ministry committees can ask the person whose ministry they are supporting.

They can also be useful to Friends in faithfulness groups, as these are questions all Friends can ask themselves as they reflect on the ways they are (or are not) following the Divine guide in their lives.

Debbie describes the process by which Hartford Meeting reached clearness to provide her with a letter supporting her ministry and a committee to oversee it in Engaging with a Monthly Meeting about Ministry

Debbie is now a member of Albuquerque Monthly Meeting in Intermountain YM. Debbie says that she got some of these ideas/questions from Jan Hoffman.