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  • #6 Functional Poverty by Mildred Binns Young (1939). Young presents the basic call to what is called radical simplicity or voluntary poverty growing out of her own experience of living among both the wealthy and those in involuntary poverty.
  • #27 Sources of the Quaker Peace Testimony by Howard Brinton (1941).
  • #29 The Inward Journey of Isaac Penington: An abbreviation of Penington’s Works by Robert Leach (1945). A condensation of the 1400-page, 1761 edition of Isaac Penington’s work, with a discussion of God, free will, and justification.
  • #42 The Discipline of Prayer by Frederick Tritton (1948). Practical guidance to preliminary discipline, aspects of prayer, contemplation, intercession, and prayer in everyday life.
  • #51 Worship by John Woolman edited by Herrymon Maurer (1950). Excerpts from this influential Quaker’s writings.
  • #54 Prophetic Ministry by Howard Brinton (1950). The basis of Quaker ministry is the prophetic insight arising out of silence and delivered in brevity.
  • #58 Ten Questions on Prayer by Gerald Heard (1951). The whole problem of prayer involves our unavoidable praying for others.
  • #64 Of Holy Disobedience by A. J. Muste (1952). The individual must be committed to Holy Disobedience against war-making and conscription.
  • #65 Reaching Decisions: The Quaker Method by Howard Brinton (1952). The Society of Friends’ answer to the question, “How can a free fellowship based on Divine guidance from within set up any form of church government providing direction from without?”
  • (1952).#66 The World in Tune by Elizabeth Gray Vining (1952). Vining writes about different types of prayer reflecting on one or more of her own favorite prayers within each category.
  • #109 Another Will Gird You: A Message to the Society of Friends by Mildred Binns Young (1960.) Young challenges Friends to live more faithfully in a world that does not honor our values and priorities.
  • #118 Visible Witness: A Testimony for Radical Peace Action by Wilmer Young (1961). Jailed as a protester against war, the author reflects on his 70 years outside prison.
  • #138 An Apology for Perfection by Cecil Hinshaw. “The fields are white unto harvest, the time is now, and God waits to endow us with power commensurate for our work.”
  • #271 Gospel Order: A Quaker Understanding of Faithful Church Community, by Sandra Cronk (1991).
  • #340 A Song of Death, Our Spiritual Birth: A Quaker Way of Dying, by Lucy Screechfield McIver (1998). As a Cadbury scholar at Pendle Hill, the author researched 17th-century & modern experiences of death & dying among Friends. She offers here a first piece of that research that gives guidance for pastoral care in our meeting communities.
  • #374 The Practice of the Love of God by Kenneth Boulding (2004). Dare to love God! Dare to practice that love everywhere in God’s family, seeing the divine likeness in everyone, mixture of earth & heaven though we be! This 1942 William Penn Lecture to Philadelphia YM (Orthodox) was re-released in 1974 with a new introduction by Elise Boulding. 

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