by Richard Lee

“Moved of the Lord” — “The Power to set right that which was wrong”

Meeting for Worship for Healing comes out of the Meetings for Suffering. The process was and is, basically the same as a Meeting for Worship for Business. There is a Clerk, Recording Clerk and worship. Minutes are taken and then reviewed at the next Healing Meeting. Decisions are made both corporately and individually and then acted upon. Reports are then given back at the next Healing Meeting. A committee can be formed to take on a particular task.

In the early Sufferings Meetings, often very practical things had to be done. Things such as the feeding, housing, caring for children whose parents were imprisoned for refusing to do one or more of the following: swear oaths, remove their hats, cease preaching, pay the tithe, fight in the armed forces, etc. While there were more reasons why Friends were imprisoned, once in prison they also had to be cared for, (food brought, jailer paid, letters written, prayers offered, encouragement given, dependents cared for, etc.).

The process did not involve Reiki, Rolfing, Reflexology, removal of all metal objects w;orn or caried, Twelve Step process, Transcendental Meditation, drumming. While these can be fine things to do, they should not supersede basic Quaker process. If one is led to offer Reiki or some other modality, then it should be offered. However, Friends should not assume that Meeting for Worship for Healing is somehow a Reiki session or under the rules of some other faith tradition. Don’t force Friends to remove their shoes, metal objects, glasses, hearing aids or to follow some other intrusive request.

Most of the work of our local Healing Group involves ailments of the body. However, sometimes we pray for relationship issues, work issues, environmental concerns, peace concerns, social welfare, issues tied to our Monthly Meeting or other Meetings. We are careful to not pray “At” something. Rather, we try to leave space for the Spirit to move and space for discernment and guidance.

Some Friends come into Meeting for Worship for Healing with expectations, others do not. Some Friends look for miracles, for cures, for guidance, for the Still Small Voice – others do not. How one prays, or does not pray, is an individual choice. The Gathered Group though, is looking for “Towards Wholeness.” The aim is to move into a space where wholeness can be achieved, which is in itself appropriate for all ills.

Often Friends find Spiritual nourishment, insight or guidance through Healing Prayer. Friends also can discover their own healing gifts and offer laying on of hands, song, message, vocal ministry, nourishment—love and support in a variety of ways. Many Friends go on to do healing work in other Meetings, in other faiths and in the secular world. The strength of Friends is in the Spirit and in our process. The Testimonies are all part of the guidance for the work of Meeting for Worship for Healing. Please be faithful to the Testimonies and to our process. Please keep it simple and Friendly.

The late Richard Lee was a member of Red Cedar Meeting, located in East Lansing Meeting and part of Lake Erie YM.